Microsoft Dynamics CRM – An Introduction

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (MSDCRM) is a software product developed and maintained by Microsoft. As the name indicates, this product mainly focuses on Sales, Services and Marketing.

Availability Models:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available as as a cloud offering (SAS model) and an on-premises installation by a partner/customer. This is the major advantage of Dynamics CRM over its competitors, customers not willing to have their data on cloud can install Dynamics CRM on their own servers and take full advantage of the product.

Basic Technical Info:

Some technical details you might need before diving into MSDCRM are;

  • Dynamics CRM Server side code is written in C# and Front end is based on ASP.NET.
  • Front end coding is written in DHTML which includes HTML and JavaScript.
  • Microsoft SQL Server is used for Database
  • MSDCRM uses MS SQL Server Views as Filtered Views extensively for Providing strong security for Role Based viewing of Data
  • Organization service is build using WCF.
  • Synchronization with offline data (Outlook) is built using Sync Framework.
I will discuss detailed features of the product in my next blog. Stay tuned!

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